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Independence Day Speech in English

independence day for india Independence Day Speech in English

independence day for india |Independence Day Speech in English
Happy independence day

Independence Day For India

Short Speech on Independence Day in English 2019 - 15th August
Independence Day of India (English: Independence Day of India, Hindi: Independence Day of India) is celebrated every year on August 15. In 1947, the residents of India got independence from British rule on this day. This is the national festival of India.

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The festival of August 15 is like once in a year, like all the festivals. But the festival of August 15 is only on the side. On August 15, all children have a different kind of enthusiasm in the elder.

Independence Day is celebrated in different states on different occasions on August 15. On August 15, the feeling of patriotism awakens in people again.

On August 15, this festival is celebrated in the schools, colleges etc. through song music, lantern etc.

Liberal is spoken for Indian Independence Day in India. 15 August Speech in English is spoken in any event, so understanding your needs, I have come today with the best speech on Independence Day in English.

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We need to know the story of India's freedom, because we are an Indian citizen, we should not have anything cute from our country.

India became independent on August 15, 1947. Independence Day is celebrated on August 15 of each year. It is very much like making sweet dish on August 15, children are very fond of blowing moths to the elders.

On the 15th of August, the entire sky is full of kites. Independence Day is very fun for people to create happiness in their own way.

If you have to know anything, then you can read the history of India's independence from my site.

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Speech on 15 August in English For students and the following is the speech on August 15.

1. Short Speech On Independence Day In English For School Students

My Principal, Teacher, all the guests and my dear co-readers, I would like you to salute the free morning of Independent India on Independence Day ..

Today is a very auspicious occasion and I have had an important opportunity for all of you to speak a few sentences for August 15.

This is the most unique day in Indian festivals. India got independence on August 15, 1947.

It is an Indian festival of India, celebrating every day of Independence Day in India, making songs and plays.

On this day no caste religion comes in middle. All Indians celebrate this festival as their own choice. The children are busy in flying moths.

Due to the renunciation of our freedom fighters, today we are free, no one can stop our country from breathing in the open air today.

India paid a lot for India's independence. Even today in India, corruption has caught its leg. Due to this corruption, our India is on the path to progress which is progressing well.

Many soldiers who did not know the freedom of India had sacrificed their lives. His only wish was that our India should not be enslaved by any child in our country from independence. There will never be advancement in India by slavery of the child.

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2. Best Speech on Independence Day in English 2019 PDF Download

Hello my Principal, teacher, all the guests, my dear co-readers, and all the visitors, on my Independence Day, the "Hello" of the Independent India.

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, I have had an important opportunity for all of you to speak a few sentences for August 15.

The opportunity of August 15 is not only for us but also to celebrate the whole of India in our own way. The biggest thing is that in today's auspicious occasion, there is no discrimination in people of all castes.

India's independence was on August 15, 1947, the British had ruled India for 200 years. We are grateful to those Indian revolutionaries who have lost their lives today to save our existence.

Being an Indian, we should thank them by joining hands with all the freedom fighters and today, because of their renunciation, our existence is like a freedom fighter.

Everyone has an equal contribution in the story of India's freedom. India is a huge country. In India, many caste communities live in their religion, caste customs are different but when it comes to India's respect then all become one and they are ready to die for the protection of India.

Of course, the manner in which everyone is different in India, but all Indians are one Hindu, Muslim, learning, Christian, for a tour, of course, but for the foreign enemies, the entire India becomes one against terrorism. That's why we call Indians

Indian is world famous for its unity. India is a power country. To stand against India, it is chewing iron grams to other countries.

In today's time India has the most powerful weapons, aircraft etc. to protect India.

India's eye-opener will come to terms with the eyes, if he has looked dirty towards India, then we are not a country for the Indians, but India is India's mother for us.

Different festivals are celebrated in India due to various caste religions. But India celebrates Independence Day and celebrates Independence Day with sweet sweet dish and celebrates its festival.

Since India's independence, India is bringing changes every year in itself. Today India is almighty because Indians living in India can do anything for their country. This is the unity that we always have to maintain.

For the freedom of India, the 24-hour military remains on the outskirts to keep India's security.

Do not know how many police always stand on roads, Indian monuments etc. for India's service. Investigations on the racket, which are suspected. It is not allowed to go ahead without investigation.

Poem On 15 August Independence Day In English

Someone has left the scent of eagle,

I have left my little bird in love,

Take my heart out of my chest,
I left my mother's arms craving
When the eye is open then the earth is of India:
When the eyes are closed, then you are Hindustan:
If we die, there is no grief but,
Mitti Hindustan ... at the time of death!

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